Cultural office established a website “We Are with Japan” in solidarity with victims of the earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan

A massive magnitude 9 earthquakes on March 11 wreaked enormous damage on northeast Japan, causing a large number of deaths and missing. After this tragic disaster, the Saudi Cultural Office in Tokyo launched a website “We are with Japan” to express solidarity with victims of the disaster and people in Japan. The website includes news that messages of condolence from the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH the Crown Prince were sent to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. It also reports that the Japanese Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to all countries and organizations that have sent condolence messages and supported Japan. Along with the information on damages and how Japan has been coping with this serious problem, photos and video clips that show the devastation of the affected areas are uploaded on the website. 

Dr. Essam Bukhary, the Saudi Cultural Attaché in Japan, has sent words of condolence and sympathy in his name and the name of all Saudi students in Japan on scholarship to managers of Japanese universities and Japanese people. In his message, he stresses his confidence that
Japan will rise from the devastation and show the world Japan’s miracle once again as it did after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were burned to ashes. He also expects Saudi students to learn from the experiences that Japan has gone and is going to go through as well as to contribute to Japan’s reconstruction.

In culture of Saudi Arabia, a spirit of mutual cooperation is highly valued. Although Saudi students are back in their home land temporarily after the disaster, they are trying to find their way to help Japan. Those students who were studying in Sendai offered their rooms for evacuees while they are away so that the rooms can be served as shelters for those who lost their homes. Other students are also willing to help Japan recover after they return to Japan by doing what they can such as participating in volunteer activities.


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