Cultural Attaché gives a greeting speech at the Open Symposium for Endowed Chain for Global Solar Initiative held in Tokyo University.

Cultural Attaché Dr. Essam Bukhary , Gave a greeting speech at the Open Symposium for Endowed Chain for Global Solar Initiative(GS+I) held in Tokyo University on the 11th of July 2011 on behalf of the Saudi Ambassador Dr.Abdulaziz A.Turkistani,.

Also, the Saudi Commercial Attaché Mansour Alhowaiti explained in his keynote speech the energy demand in Saudi Arabia and the outline of King Abdullah City for Nuclear and Renewable Energies (KACARE) established in Riyadh in 2010.

Meanwhile, Junichi Hamaguchi, the president of Tokyo University greeted the participants and announced that the Open Symposium for Endowed Chain for GS+I, set by his University aims for the fulfillment of the solar energy system in the future, emphasizing on the importance of cooperation with the industrial sector and the government organizations.

Hiroshi Asahi, the deputy Minister of economy underlined the necessity to shift to renewable energies and adopt an energy saving policy for the economy and society.

In his speech, entitled “I think the sun will save us” Mikio Katayama, the president of Sharp Corporation underlined the importance of strengthening the partnership with Saudi Arabia which has twice the daylight of that of Japan.

Koichi Kawana, the president of JSC Corporation introduced in his speech his company’s project in the Middle East and its approach to the development of solar panels.

It should be noted that despite being the world’s leading oil producer, Saudi Arabia needs to diversify its energy resources including atomic and renewable energies to tackle the increase of demand for electricity that grows according to the increase of population and economic growth in recent years. 

The stable and safe supply of energy will be the biggest issue facing the world in the future; therefore it is very important to strengthen the partnership between Saudi Arabia and Japan in the fields of science, technology and human resources development.

Given the importance to build a strong partnership in the field of energy, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (KACARE) and GS+I in Tokyo University will soon conclude a memorandum in the field of the photovoltaic power generation. It is expected that this conclusion will promote research and development in the technical field linked to photovoltaic power generation.


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