King Abdullah Scholarship Program

Outline of the King Abdullah Scholarship Program 2009

  1. Applicable Fields of Study
    1. Applicants should aim and will be able to gain Bachelor, Master and PhD degree in transferred universities (except for the practical field of art)
    2. Applicants should study the specialized fields of science and technology and human sciences, etc in Asian countries
  2. Study Period
    1. Bachelor degree: study period is within 4 years including max 2 years of Japanese language education
    2. Master degree: study period is within 2 years
    3. Doctoral degree: study period is within 3 years in principle

There are several merits to accept international students

Merits for Japanese Universities

  1. To internationalize your university that contributes to improve university ranking
  2. To create positive image of your university internationally
  3. To activate research activities
  4. To establish international academic network
  5. To stabilize university finance with the international students’ enrolment as some universities do not meet their quota because of the shortage of the Japanese applicants

Merits for Japanese Students

  1. To acquire knowledge necessary to be global citizens
  2. To acquire cross-cultural communication skills
  3. To cultivate responsible behavior to and participation in the international community.
  4. To build human network studying with international students
  5. To understand Japanese culture while knowing other cultures
  6. To sharpen understanding and develop judgment capability interacting with international students

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