Students’ Voice

scholarship2-1Almazyat Osman
(Tokai University, School of Political Science and Economics, Department of Business Administration, Bachelor Course)

I have three reasons to study in Japan. First, Japan is one of the top economic powers around the world, holding cutting-edge technology, and many global automotive corporations. I am here for study Japanese management system that boosts her economic power. I was amazed by diligence and punctuality of Japanese people, even I admired the Japanese way, soon later I believed I should be better. I experienced the vertical relations of Japanese society and realized that this is a teaching of Islam. I had no Japanese friends and faced difficulty in communicating with Japanese teacher who used fuzzy language in school; in addition, it took a long time to adopt Japanese punctuality.

scholarship2-2Al-Musa Majid
(Hiroshima University, Faculty of Economics, Bachelor Course)

I was thinking that not so many Saudi students study in East Asia, and Japanese society and culture is not well known in Saudi Arabia. When it comes to Japan, I could only imagine cars, electronics and Samurai. I decided to study economics because I believed that I could learn the secret of world second largest economy and high production quality, which might relate to the dignity of the Japanese. I chose to study in Japan to have a direct experience of Japan with the Japanese people. In fact, the Japanese people work hard and study seriously as I imagined before. I have difficulty to read Japanese Kanji and express myself in Japanese at first.

scholarship2-3Zaki Hakami
(Tohoku University, Graduate School of Dentistry, Doctoral Course)

I decided to study in Japan because Japan is a developed country and has high quality of education and research, and particularly the Japanese introduced many innovations to my specialization of Orthodontics such as reduction of treatment period for Orthodontic patients. Every country has positive and negative aspects, but Japan’ positive aspects exceed the negatives. Study environment is good and peace and secure, the people are kind and cooperative, so I can devote myself to study hard, while Japan and Saudi Arabia are culturally quite different, I can adopt myself as time passes.

scholarship2-4Alif Mutaz
(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of International Development Engineering, Bachelor Course)

I came to Japan because of her mysterious charms. Everything is new experience for me and there is no person who can inform cultural difference between Japan and Saudi Arabia appropriately. Moreover, I want to have a precious experience of the developed nation with best technology and unique culture and language. It is uncountable to mention good experience in Japan; I was impressed by SONKEI, (Respect). I had a hard time at first because I could not communicate with the people in English in Japan.

scholarship2-5Bai Dania
(Tokyo University of Technology, Graduate School of Bionics, Master Course)

It is my dream to study in Japan because of her advanced technology and rich and comfortable life with peace and security. It is meaningful to study in Japan for my personal growth through such experience as self-effort in acquiring knowledge and live alone far away with my family.


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